After my Angels fell short during the AL Wild Card chase, the only thing I really looked forward to was watching some basketball, the Lakers most of all.  But to my dismay, I find out through my homepage that regular season games are on the verge of being cancelled!

What is going on here?

For those too caught up on football to even slightly have time to think about basketball, here’s a quick overview…

The NBA and the players can’t come to terms with an acceptable salary.  According to the LA Times, the players were making 57% of basketball-related income under their previous contract, and now after Tuesday’s negotiation session, the NBA wants to offer them 50%.  However, the players are not accepting anything less than 53%. 

So what does it mean to the rest of us? We might be missing some weeks of games.  Ok, time to stop panicking. Even for the avid football fan, it’ll mean nothing.   They won’t even really notice it, after the Super Bowl they’ll carry and shift their focus to basketball.  

But here’s something else to think about? If LeBrons, Bryants, Wades and Anthonys can’t come to terms, we are looking at a higher unemployment rate! Not for them but for us and that’s certainly not good news.  

DeAndre Jordan, Clippers center’s Twitter put it into perspective:

“To all the NBA fans out there…. sorry! I also want to say sorry to all the people who work in the arenas that don’t have any means of income right now … way to go owners!”

Anthony Morrow, New Jersey Nets guard, has even considered playing overseas. 

Now when I think about it in that sense I think these NBA stars can afford a 7% cut and do it for the fans and the working class.  After all, they are already rolling on millions, have houses overlooking beaches across the globe, cars sitting on 25-inch rims, while the rest of the nation has bigger concerns like, “Will my unemployment even cover my mortgage?”

So to all my NBA stars, if you really think a 7% cut is outrageous, try surviving in California (one of the most expensive states in the US) with a $40-$450 biweekly paycheck offered by EDD (Employment Development Department)….how’s that for balling on a budget?