The world is waiting for you, you better have best shoes on…

For the past couple of days I’ve been meaning to write about how difficult it is to be a woman.  How through the past 26 years I’ve been trying to understand this “womanly role” that our screwed up society has engrained us all to believe a woman should be.  But instead of boring you with questions that have innumerable answers, I thought I should share with you what I’ve seen, what I’ve felt and what I think (even if some of you disagree).

Some of you may be offended and some of you will nod in an approving manner.  However, ultimately, the goal is to initiate some dialogue, and get you all thinking.

The plan is to bring you a series of posts about living in woman’s shoes.  I mean after all, I am a woman, and you know what?  I love shoes and wear a pair every day! (OK cheesy…sorry!)

I’ve noticed most of my loyal readers are women, and even though I’ll be writing about concepts or possibly similar experiences, I realized that’s OK.  Why?  Simple, women enjoy reading about other women.  They sympathize, they empathize, they criticize and they are not afraid to vocalize (Am I right ladies?).

As for you gentlemen, I hope you don’t think I have forgotten about you.  I commend you all for having the cojones to follow a female’s blog.  I’ll try my best to make it interesting for you all, and possibly teach you about that “creature” you guys can’t seem to ever understand.  Or perhaps throughout this journey, you’ll teach me a thing or two about your kind.  And if we both fail to do either, at least you can stair at a hot pair of stems in some awesome looking shoes.

Ruby red heels…let’s start walking to get these readers some stories…