Thank you Card

I’ve always known the importance of saying thank you, and I couldn’t go another day without expressing my gratitude to the following individuals who made this personal project of mine happen…

First and foremost, special thanks to my web designer/developer,  Ernie Cervantez, who not only revised my site once or twice, but what seemed to be a million times (because of my requests).  Sorry, Ernie!  I appreciate your patience throughout the process; my vision has come alive because of you!  Check him out at:

Gracias to juan berry nice graphic designer for putting together my little logo—it’s simple (just what I requested) and part of me, thanks for your quick turnaround and willingness to help, Juan Muniz!   Check him out at:

And don’t think I forgot about you, Steve Huang!  Ever since I posted my first photo of our shoot I have received nothing, but compliments.  Thank you for capturing those artistic moments, it was my first professional shoot, and you made me feel very comfortable. Thank you for sugaring me up when you said I reminded you of the Spanish singer, Thalia! I don’t know what surprised me most, that I even slightly resembled such a gorgeous Latina or that you knew who she was!   Cynthia Viramontes aka the booking manager, thank you for “powdering my nose,” just kidding, but thank you for coming along and assisting.

 Steve does not have a site, but if you’re interested in his information please contact me directly (fill out contact form on my page).

Lastly, thank you nine-year-old Erika!  This website is dedicated to you, that little dreamer that still lives inside of me.  You give me the courage to keep on going.