Ok here’s another baseball post about the Dodgers, and I have to repeat, I am NOT a Dodgers’ fan. I do however, love baseball and can’t help it if the Boys in Blue tend to make headlines. So, last night all those that tuned in to catch Game Two against the Diamondbacks were in for a real treat. I mean we all know the historical rivalry between Los Angeles Dodgers and The San Francisco Giants, and the brawl that occurred earlier this year that put starting pitcher, Zack Greinke, on the disabled list for several weeks.

But now, Arizona? What is going on here?

Is there a secret MLB ring trying to hold the Angelinos from watching their team move up the ranks? It certainly makes me wonder.

Recently, the Los Angeles team brought in a new player to help them from their slump, and in an instant that player won the fan’s respect. I’m talking about –Yasiel Puig. Now as I previously mentioned, and I’ll repeat it again in case you skipped it, I am not a Dodgers’ fan, but even I know when Puig has scored a successful hit without even watching the game. How? Easy, suddenly my Facebook thread is filled with posts that say “Puig Nation” “Bay of Puigs” or “When does Puigwood open?” At first I was a bit confused. Who’s this “Puig,” and why had I not heard of him before?

Turns out this 22 year old Cuban is quite possibly the equivalent of the Angels’ star player, and now left fielder, Mike Trout. And just last night L.A.’s latest sensation could have easily been out for the remaining season after he took a fastball to the face! Well, kinda.

In the bottom of the sixth inning, the rookie attempted to dodge Ian Kennedy’s pitch, but the ball still managed to hit his nose. Half an inning later Greinke hit Diamondback’s Miguel Montero. And if that wasn’t enough, Kennedy went back at it and delivered another ball, this time towards Greinke’s face, and it hit his shoulder.

As you can imagine, both teams were heated and ready for a rumble.

Now what was the point of all this? Are some teams out to intentionally hurt other players in hopes to have an upper hand on the field? Do these ball players have beef outside the game or are they just drama kings?

For some, this might be the action they need in baseball, particularly the non-baseball followers. However, for some of us, baseball should be played fair and square, none of this, you hit me, I’m going to hit you next inning, time of thing. In any professional sport, the focus should be about winning the game, not these high school type brawls. So although this might be all too common and even traditional in hockey, this isn’t hockey. In baseball the only thing you should be hitting are balls!

Now guys, if you keep being peleoneros instead of peloteros you’re going to lose your most valuable players this season. So if Hall of Famer, Jackie Robinson, had to keep his cool in an age of segregation, why can’t you? Keep cool, and play friggin’ baseball!