Thank You!

I’ve always known the importance of saying thank you, and I couldn’t go another day without expressing my gratitude to the following individuals who made this personal project of mine happen… First and foremost, special thanks to my web designer/developer,  Ernie Cervantez, who not only revised my site once or twice, but what seemed to be a…


The Waiting Game is Over!

Here it is! Here it finally is!  I feel like I’ve been talking about getting my site re-designed for centuries and today the waiting game is over. Over two years ago I was feeling a billion and one emotions, frustration, depression, and anxiety, were the most prevalent.  I also have to add I was on…


Peaceful Police Protest in Anaheim

On Sunday morning, vans, buses and cars full of activists arrived in Anaheim to collectively demonstrate against police brutality, exactly one year from the day Manuel Diaz was fatally shot and killed by the city’s police. Groups as far north as Marin County, and as far east as the state of Indiana were actively present,…


¿Peloteros o Peleoneros?

Ok here’s another baseball post about the Dodgers, and I have to repeat, I am NOT a Dodgers’ fan. I do however, love baseball and can’t help it if the Boys in Blue tend to make headlines. So, last night all those that tuned in to catch Game Two against the Diamondbacks were in for…


Part Tres: Selena, She was the Bidi to my Bom

I’m glad I got to live during the Selena era, even if it was a short lived one.  Now I kinda feel bad for today’s youth because when they hear the name Selena they automatically think Justin Beiber’s ex-girlfriend Miss Gomez.  But to those who were fortunate enough to know who I’m referring to you…


Part Two: Down Memory Lane, Anacrime or AnaHome?

The first time I heard someone call my city “Anacrime,” it filled me up with anger.  How dare this person come here and taunt my town with such a horrendous nickname?!  As a teen that just sounded absurd. I stopped and wondered, how valid could this alias be? After all the “Happiest Place on Earth”…


Part One: Letting go of 2012

As each year comes to an end I like to stop and reflect.  Some years I’m saddened by saying goodbye to what appeared to be an incredible year.   Other years I’m a little afraid because I don’t know what’s yet to come.   Last year I was thankful for the struggles but very optimistic for 2012….


The Prologue: Walking in Women’s Shoes

For the past couple of days I’ve been meaning to write about how difficult it is to be a woman.  How through the past 26 years I’ve been trying to understand this “womanly role” that our screwed up society has engrained us all to believe a woman should be.  But instead of boring you with…



  When it comes to love, I hope you all fall in love with the right person.  I hope you fall for the one who inspires you for greatness, one who’ll be your greatest cheerleader in life.  I hope that person brings you more laughter than tears.  I hope it’s the person you’re proud to…

Current Events

Residents of Anaheim march for justice

It’s Sunday, and despite the fact that it was a hot day at 82 degrees, that didn’t stop the people of Anaheim from protesting in the name of Manuel Diaz at the Anaheim Police Department and on Anna Drive. “Queremos justicia…we want justice,” a crowd of over 50 people chanted loud and clear as they…