Today if we are fortunate enough, we get to celebrate a very special woman in our lives: our mom. To some this gracious title is given to those who kept us safe from harm for 9 months and counting. To others this is the person who has shown you unconditional love and support and seen you grow.

As I scroll through photos and statements of how many of you honor your mother today, I reminisce on what my own AMÁ has taught me. She’s shown me that love has many faces, from housewife, to cook, to nurse, to teacher. It’s more than obvious that this role is not for the weary, it takes a special kind to endure this much pain and still stay strong for her children.   Times will get rough and she will be judged, yelled at, ignored, and her love will go unnoticed. But in spite of it all, she’ll be there guiding us to achieve the unthinkable.

I think of all the hats my mother has worn for over 35 years, and I stop and think how I tend to dwell over spilt milk on more than one occasion. Sometimes I think the world wants to swallow me whole and I want to give up. I tire myself out just by thinking of all that should be done and at times I don’t even do half of what I told myself I should. So when I stop and think of how much my AMÁ has achieved despite all the hardship she’s endured, I’ve come to realize my excuses are inexcusable. I was born to be great because she’s shown me she is great.

So, it’s time for me to stop dropping all my hats whenever I find a new one along the way. One day I hope to wear the “mommy hat” too, but for now I’ll stay true to my own: daughter, sister, friend, Willy’s fur mom, community organizer, student, activist and blogger. I’ll find a way to juggle this and more because my AMÁ is my motivation. This is my endless gift to her.

How will you honor your mom?

(AMÁ is a spanish term used in certain regions of Mexico for mom.  AMA on the other hand is a verb used to indicate “to love”, it is not a coincidence that these two terms are written almost identical.)