Say what you mean

I’m a lover of words. By now you should know this is true.

However, sometimes I need more than words. I need inspiration and substance, not just words.

But it’s funny because sometimes words light up something inside you, something that you really didn’t know you had hiding in that dark and lonely corner of your brain, you know the ones that speak to your subconscious and make your heart feel like there’s still hope.  Words.

When you’re just a child everyone is eager to hear them. They constantly repeat the words they so want you to pronounce, “Ma-ma,””pa-pa.” Yet sometimes even after all your hard work, a child will utter a different word instead. I guess as much as some of us try, you can’t force someone to say the words you long to hear.

So if words are nothing compared to actions, why do they provoke so many emotions?  Sometimes you may need more than words, but in many times that’s all you need.  Use them wisely or use them freely because sometimes they are more than just words.