It’s been a while and I didn’t think my December post would be about this, but it seems the men’s world has been a little shaken up with the news of the “Sexiest Woman of All-Time.”  She beat sex icon Marilyn Monroe, the queen of pinups—Betty Paige, 70s angel—Farrah Fawcett and even her ex-husband’s current girlfriend—Angelina Jolie!

My initial reaction was…really? And then I started thinking who would I have picked? Instantly I thought of Mila Kunis, Sofia Vergara, Beyonce, Shakira and Victoria Secret’s model Miranda Kerr.  But to my surprise Kunis was named number 96 and Vergara didn’t even make the list! Actually only four Latinas made the list out of 100, however, that’s not my point today.

I was as surprised as the next guy with Men’s Health Magazine’s decision. However, I started reading, “Funny is sexy…her down-to-earth persona…her all-too-human love life…” and then it dawned on me.  They are right, there’s something about all that, which creates one sexy package.  I mean who didn’t want her as a Friend and what woman wasn’t insanely jealous of the fact that she was once married with the “Sexiest Man Alive?” Of course that man later went on to cheat on her with a more voluptuous woman who also made the list but only as number 10 (take that Angelina!).  But through it all, Aniston has shown us that sexy comes in all forms and that keeping it real is the sexiest factor of them all.

Let’s dissect her a bit from head to toe.

Head: Her hair as plain and simple as it seems, has landed on plenty of hair style magazines.  For years women have tried to imitate it, from the voluminous long bob sported in her early years as Rachel, to the “my-roots-are-showing-and-I-make-it-look-good.” As silly as it sounds, ask any hairstylist, they’ll tell you how many clients have gone in with a picture of Jennifer.

For 10 seasons Rachel Green captured our hearts and our women's hair style magazines with this look.

Chest: I applaud this woman, after many years in Tinsletown, she hasn’t found the need to get breast implants.  Her boobs are average size and most importantly, proportional to her body.  Her confidence itself speaks nothing but sexy to me.

Heart: In matters of the heart, she’s gone through the biggest publicized divorce and several break-ups.  She believed in a monogamous relationship like plenty of us but when that didn’t happen, she showed vulnerability like any woman and picked herself up and moved on.

Once married to the Sexiest Man Alive. (image borrowed)

However, besides having a soft-heart for some of the best looking men in Hollywood, she also loves dogs! She’s adopted a cockapoo from the shelter, and has a tattoo on her foot in memory of her 15 year companion who recently passed. Guys, I know you love dogs too.

Abs: One word—yoga. She has amazing flat abs and well just a great lean body all round and her secret is yoga.  She isn’t completely vegan either as this quote implies, “I don’t starve myself in an extremist way. You’re not taking away my coffee or my dairy or my glass of wine because I’d be devastated.”  Seems like a regular person to me.

She's a Yoga devotee. She claims it saved her life. (Image borrowed)

Booty: If you’ve ever seen The Break Up, chances are you’ve seen it and if you haven’t, rent it. She bares a lot in a non-cheesy, non-porno-ish manner.

Legs- They’ve been captured in magazine spreads and worship by many.  According to a “scientific” study conducted by Dr. Aric Sigman, she has “the most perfect legs in Hollywood.”  Sounds absolutely crazy but I’m not voting against them either.  Now tell me, what guy does not like a nice pair of stems?

So now, she might never be a sex icon like Monroe (#3), a pin-up like Betty (#7), a runway model like Heidi Klum (#20), have curves like Kim Kardashian (#26), a voice like Mariah Carey (#40), a derriere like J.LO (#60) or be a porn star like Jenna Jameson (#49) BUT…neither are the rest of us women.

So the message here is that if Jennifer Aniston is the “Sexiest Woman of All-Time,” then we can throw all that other garbage about what we imagined as sexy away and stay true to ourselves. Keep it real ladies, nothing is sexier than being yourself and I don’t think men will argue with that.


Nothing says sexy more than a good sense of humor and Jen has it.