Who said Halloween was only for kids and adults? Yesterday Willy, my 3 year-old Poodle mix, and I attended the 11th Annual Haute Dog Howl’oween Parade in Long Beach, Calif., organized and created by The Haute Dog Organization.  It’s known as the largest Halloween event for pets.

We both were amazed.  Willy was amazed over the amount of tail present and I was amazed on people’s creativity.   It was definitely a spectacle. We saw it all.

All dog lovers should definitely attend next year and be part of the parade, winner gets a lifetime supply of dog food, and all proceeds go to local animal charities and beach cleanups. It’s really a win-win situation.

Here are some photos of yesterday’s event at Belmont Shores.

I was in the LBC but these furry pals seemed to be headed to RIO.

Did anyone order some In-N-Out? Order #57 ready!

That’s Lieutenant to you!


Tough guy by night, chicken by day.

What’s all that buzz? Must bee this German Shepherd

If we can place a man on the moon, why not this guy.

Low…ride-r…This brown dude was just cruisin’ down 2nd street.

Mario, where’s Luigi?


Careful! She’s Lady Dog-Ga Catcher!