October is here and what does that mean (besides my birthday being 10 days away)? It means most of you are trying to decide what to be this Halloween. 
So before you go on shopping frenzy and hand over $100 to your local costume store, stop and think about—
  • Outfits that can easily be made
  • Local thrift stores
  • Online deals
  • Swapping items with friends

However, whether you have the dough to fork over or not, thinking of a great costume idea is possibly the most difficult part of the process.   So today I’ve created a list of items, all which you either can make, borrow, buy or already own…

1)      Steve Jobs —Unfortunately, the great mastermind behind all the Apple products is no longer around but it doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate him today.  Jobs was iconic for his black turtleneck, jeans and glasses, so this outfit is a cinch.  Give your hair the salt-pepper look with colored hair spray, and if you can’t grow some stubble by the 31st then just paint some on and voila.  Also, make it a GROUP costume and have a buddy be an Iphone, Ipod, Ipad or simply a cool looking apple

All you really need is a cardboard box, construction paper or solid wrapping paper, markers and scissors. The rest is up to you.

2)      Baseball player—With the World Series approaching and tons of teams out you’ll find great discounts on baseball gear.   (Also by a self-made poll, women find men in baseball caps more attractive.)

  1. Oakland A’s player or manager—you can always say you’re not a baseball player but Brad Pitt who came out in “Moneyball.” 
  2. Trying to be funny?  Why not be Frank McCourt! Wear a suit and instead of a dress shirt wear those infamous Frankrupt or Chapter 11 shirtsfound in white and broke blue, I mean Dodger Blue.

    Simply wear this shirt under a suit and you're Frank McCourt. Don't forget your baseball cap!


3)      A bridesmaid—This one is better as a group collaboration.  The inspiration comes behind the box office hit “Bridesmaids.”  Look behind that very dark portion in your closet, and I’m sure you’ll find some hideous or rather nicely looking bridesmaid dress you wore at your friend or relative’s wedding.  (The bigger and bolder, the better.) Don’t forget your flower bouquet.

Yes, that hideous, gold dress...that can work, don't forget your bouquet !

4)      Osama Bin Laden—Caution: Wear at your own risk!  Sure he’s dead now (until further notice) but all you need for this a white sheet to wrap around your head as a turban and a beard. Have fun with it and add blood stains and bullet holes.

Trying to be something scary? Why not the most wanted man on earth? OSAMA!

5)      Kate Middleton & Prince William—Their wedding was the talk of the world this year, why not be the talk of the party?  And let’s face it guys (with girlfriends or wives), it beats having to wear tights. 

I can't promise you'll look this good but you can try.

When all else fails, go through a list of popular movies, shows, games and 2011 headlines and an idea is bound to come.  Here’s a list to get you thinking:


“X-Men: First Class”

Amy Winehouse


Jersey Shore

“Kung Fu Panda 2”

“Captain America”

Wall Street Protester

“Sucker Punch”


Beer Pong (the game)