Part Two: Down Memory Lane, Anacrime or AnaHome?

The first time I heard someone call my city “Anacrime,” it filled me up with anger.  How dare this person come here and taunt my town with such a horrendous nickname?!  As a teen that just sounded absurd. I stopped and wondered, how valid could this alias be? After all the “Happiest Place on Earth”…


Part One: Letting go of 2012

As each year comes to an end I like to stop and reflect.  Some years I’m saddened by saying goodbye to what appeared to be an incredible year.   Other years I’m a little afraid because I don’t know what’s yet to come.   Last year I was thankful for the struggles but very optimistic for 2012….


The Prologue: Walking in Women’s Shoes

For the past couple of days I’ve been meaning to write about how difficult it is to be a woman.  How through the past 26 years I’ve been trying to understand this “womanly role” that our screwed up society has engrained us all to believe a woman should be.  But instead of boring you with…



  When it comes to love, I hope you all fall in love with the right person.  I hope you fall for the one who inspires you for greatness, one who’ll be your greatest cheerleader in life.  I hope that person brings you more laughter than tears.  I hope it’s the person you’re proud to…

Current Events

Residents of Anaheim march for justice

It’s Sunday, and despite the fact that it was a hot day at 82 degrees, that didn’t stop the people of Anaheim from protesting in the name of Manuel Diaz at the Anaheim Police Department and on Anna Drive. “Queremos justicia…we want justice,” a crowd of over 50 people chanted loud and clear as they…


A walk from July 13

A year ago today I felt like the luckiest person alive.  I was on the highest cloud imaginable without any type of drug, unless of course you consider love one.   Now that I think about it, love can be just that.  It alters your state of mind, makes you see and think things differently; it…


Let’s talk about strippers

So I know there are tons of world changing events taking place like, Congress ruling the Affordable Health Care Act constitutional, and the uncontrollable fires occurring in Colorado.  However, this post isn’t even remotely similar.  No, today I’d like to talk about strippers. And for the person currently reading this and rolling their eyes thinking,…

Current Events

Watching Kelly Thomas’ video was not easy

It took me a while to decide whether I had the stomach to watch the newly released video of Kelly Thomas’ beating.   However, as the day progressed, and I continued seeing more and more posts about the video, it became something I could no longer ignore. The video captured what many wish would have not…


La Mexican-AmErikan

So it’s my third time around in Guadalajara.  How long I’ll be here? I still don’t know.  I’m taking it a day at a time, something VERY unusual to my character.  However, what I do know is that this time around I want to learn more about the culture, and do more than just take…


Prevent Stretchmarks

Today’s Health/Beauty Tip: Spring is less than a month away and summer is right around the corner after that.  What does that mean? The temperature will be rising and you ladies are going to be wearing less clothing (shorts, dresses, bikinis).  However, a stretchmark here or there can ruin your spring break/summer vacation, so here…