I may no longer be on cloud nine, but I can still enjoy a lovely spectacle of clouds.

A year ago today I felt like the luckiest person alive.  I was on the highest cloud imaginable without any type of drug, unless of course you consider love one.   Now that I think about it, love can be just that.  It alters your state of mind, makes you see and think things differently; it makes you feel all sorts of goodness, but can also make you feel extremely vulnerable and dependent.

It took all of my strength to pick myself up and move forward.

Today, I can say I’ve encountered a number of women and men who have also felt betrayed at some point in their life by that four letter word.  Ironically thanks to their painful experience they have all helped me in one way or another; whether it was their encouraging words, a night of distraction, a couch to just vent, a humorous text, or simply by sharing their most intimate stories.

I can proudly say I am no longer the same person I was almost three months ago, but I know I’m not yet where I want to be. I know what I did wrong.  I know what I deserve.  And most importantly, I know that I have survived the storm.

My heart goes out to all the people who have been and continue to be emotionally broken.  I want you to remember that life is not over, you are not done, and you are still worthy of love.  Believe it, and repeat it.  Say it loud and proud in front of a mirror.  Go and get yourself cleaned up, and looking sharp.  Don’t let your emotions ruin your physical appearance.  Stimulate your mind, read, exercise, sing, dance, or run! I did it all and then cried, and did it all again, and cried some more.  ‘Til this day I believe crying is therapeutic, because once you’ve washed it all out your system, you’ll find yourself with no more tears to shed.

But if you must really know, the greatest lesson I’ve taken from this experience was this:

We walk on a daily basis, whether we are walking away from something or walking toward a new destination, we ALL walk.  However painful, dreadful or exhausting the walk may be, remember you have gone a long way from where you started.

I invite you all to appreciate the walk.  And I hope you all have some really cool shoes.

Yours Truly,